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Dust Suppressant

Our DUSTBIND series of dust control chemicals is synergistic combination of particulate binding chemicals and wetting agents, which create a layer and hold the particles to bind to each other and thus preventing dust. It is most suitable for open mining operation of coal and other minerals, large excavation job, construction sites, soil roads and similar application. Dust bind acts as a dust suppressant and is best dust suppression chemicals available in the market.

Dust causes breathing health hazards to workers and people employed at the site.  Normally water is sprayed on to prevent dust, however the less effective on porous and hydrophobic materials, also dries always and need for repeated application of water spray. With DUSTBIND series you can save on repeated application and ensure lower dust pollution of air. They contain best dust suppression agents which help for dust control. DUSTBIND are best chemicals for dust control in the industry. Their synergistic formulation of dust control agents make them most effective.

Our product features:-

  1. Non hazardous, biodegradable, non flammable
  2. Ecologically and environmentally safer
  3. Water resistant
  4. Non slippery and safe to walk and drive on
  5. Effective dust abatement
  6. Provides a strong and durable veneer over the applied surface whilst providing a penetrating matrix below fully soluble in water
  7. Unique formulation provides surface rebinding upon successive water applications, prolonging effectiveness and economy
  8. Cumulative effect, resulting in fewer applications over time

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Dust Bind






Economical , dries transparent , most suited for open site excavation
and construction operation road



stronger bonding , most suited for coal mining operations



Premium product , very versatile and suitable for all kind of

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